About us

Our mission statement is, Knowing God, showing his love, serving the community.

We try to fulfil this purpose by studying the Bible, praying together for ourselves and for others, and by showing the love of Jesus as we provide positive activities for our community. 

If you’re here for a Sunday service we hope you will feel at ease.  We don’t use lots of different books (although of course we do read from the Bible) because songs, Bible readings and prayers are all projected onto the screen.  You’re welcome to stand or sit for any of the songs.  We tend to use a mixture of modern songs and older hymns, and hope there will be something for everyone in every service.  We use the New International Version of the Bible.

If you need a large print version of the words of the songs, or a large print Bible, please ask.  There is a loop system for anyone who is hard of hearing, using the T setting on your hearing aid.

We have signed up to the BMS World Mission Dignity initiative - working against gender-based violence around the world.  Click here for more information about Dignity.