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Children and Families
Sunday Mornings

We have provisions for children and young people at all of our Sunday morning church services, which start at 10.30am.

0 to 4s

There is a creche space for younger children (up to 4 years old) where you can sit with your child and still hear the church service - when our volunteers are available you are welcome to leave your child if you feel comfortable to do so.

5 to 16s

Upstairs we have two young church groups which includes games, crafts, songs and stories for all ages. Often following the theme of the sermon, but more age appropriate. The younger group meet weekly (with some breaks during school holidays, and the older group meets once a month.

Third Sundays

On the third Sunday of every month we have a family service, this service alternates between a Cafe Church service and an All Together service. Cafe Church is set up to sit around tables, eat and drink between songs, enjoy crafts puzzles and colouring during talks. And have time to discuss the subject with those around you. Our All Together service looks more like a regular Sunday morning but the children stay with us for the whole time - so expect more lively songs and a shorter talk.


We share communion on the first Sunday of every month as well as a special service on Maundy Thursday. Around 4 times a year we move communion from the end of the service to the start so that children, young people and the leaders can share the family meal with us. We try to remember to explain communion more clearly in these services encourage parents to talk to their children about whether they are ready and able to share in the communion meal.

Babies and Toddler

Every Friday 0915 to 1045 (during term time) Drop in with your pre-school children for a time of fun and community. Hot drinks for the parents, toys for the children, biscuits for everyone. For a little more information or to register your family visit CLICK HERE.

Sunday Morning
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